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Enamelled Water Tank Is The Core Component Of Water Heaters

Enamel coating is a form of an anti-corrosion protection of metal surfaces. The enamel protection consists in creation of an impermeable continuous layer, which isolates the metal from water. Thus the enamelled water tanks demonstrate a high resistance against all kinds of water.especially for hard water. Enamel coating is created by an application of the material on the metal sheet and burning it in a furnace at the temperature higher than 800 °C, which results in a vitreous, highly resistant coating layer.

Our water tanks contain two layers of enamel. Due to this, all enamelled water tanks are reaching the highest level of the anti-corrosion protection and longer lifetime above standard. We are offering highly chemically resistant enamel as well as enamel intended for the contact with drinking water and food.

All products from GOMON have a unique ID, This makes our production process traceable, ensuring GOMON products deserve trust.

To ensure the quality of the manufactured products, we have implemented the system of quality management according to ISO 9001. besides, Our enamelled tanks are approved by all kinds of international standards(CE、WATER MARK、ETL、WRAS、EN12977-3)