About Us

Jiangsu Gomon New Energy Co. Ltd is the core subsidiary of Gomon Group. Founded in 1998, For over 20 years we not only have honed our expertise, processes, and systems in the manufacturing pressurized enamelled water tanks, solar energy and air energy products suitable for our customers in the new energy industry, but also with an idea—To create a low-carbon green good life for mankind.

We own CNAS Laboratory and Air source heat pump enthalpy difference Laboratory ,together with fully automatic production line and other more state-of-the-art facilities to better serve our customers and their needs.

We are fully compliant to industry standards as we’re certified to CE, SOLAR MARK, WATER MARK and ETL and known around the world for our exceptional quality management systems and mission of continuous improvement in our manufacturing operations. It is this strict adherence to the most demanding quality control system that results in customer satisfaction and confidence.

With increasing global competition and higher expectations for improved quality, reliability, performance, delivery and lower costs, our efforts are focused on continuous improvement and innovation. From a customer needs perspective, our thrust is toward providing customer solutions-better, faster, cheaper. we are very willing to be your permanent. reliable and trustworthy cooperative partner.

We earnestly look forward to your visiting, guidance and negotiation.