KRS35A Series All In One Heat Pump Water Heater

Product Description:

Heat pump water heater works on principle just like an air conditioner or like the refrigerator. It absorbs warmth from the air and transfer it to heat water. Hence it’s also referred to as air-source heat pumps. It operates on electricity but is more efficient than a conventional electric water heater.

GOMON high-efficiency all in one heat pump water heaters provide an energy efficient and innovative water heating solution for your house.

Enamel Water Tank Brings You Healthier Water Quality

High pressure and fatigue resistance which pass 280,000 times pulse test.

High corrosion resistance because enamel coating makes the welding line of steel plate seperate with water, so with long working life.

Our Porcelain enamel tanks approved by CE, WATER MARK, ETL, WRAS, EN12977-3.

High efficient Micro-Channel Heat Exchanger

Larger heat exchange area, Better heat transfer effect and More durable performance.

The Coefficient of Performance of the system can reach 4.25 even above.

Not touch with water in the water tank, so the heat exchanger has no risk of corrosion, scaling, leakage, etc.

Library Level 40dB Silence

Centrifugal fan, smooth air intake

Double plate air guiding, optimizing air duct

Double layer soundproofing, reducing radiation

Double piece evaporator makes it more optimized

High Efficient Compressor

Being internationally-renowned brand dedicated compressor for heat pump, it is more reliable in system matching and quieter in operation.

Intelligent Defrosting

With intelligent defrosting design, it can revolutionarily solve the bottlenecks of heat exchangers in cold winter such as frosting and slow heating, etc., allowing you to spend a more comfortable winter.

1:1 Gold Ratio

The unit and water tank are matched with a gold ratio to eliminate the phenomenon of disharmony, so that it is more energy-saving and professional.

Intelligent Control Electric Expansion Valve

The electric expansion valve can control the refrigerant volume more accurately to ensure the unit stay in the best state.

Smart and Convenient Touch Control

Intelligent light display

WIFI control

Technical Parameters:

Tank Capacity160L200L
Inner Tank MaterialEnamelled Steel
(Steel BTC340R, 2.5mm thickness)
Enamelled Steel
(Steel BTC340R, 2.5mm thickness)
Outer casingPainted galvanized steelPainted galvanized steel
Tank Rated Working Pressure0.8MPa0.8MPa
Waterproof gradeIPX4IPX4
CondenserMicro-Channel Heat ExchangerMicro-Channel Heat Exchanger
Electric Element Power2500W2500W
Heat Pump Rated Input415W415W
Heat Pump Output1600W1600W
Max. Input Power3200W3200W
Heating Capacity35L/H35L/H
Max. Water Temperature75℃75℃
Voltage~220-240V / 50Hz~220-240V / 50Hz
Inlet / Outlet size¾”¾”
Control MethodTouch screenTouch screen
Noise Level40dB(A)40dB(A)

How It Works:

All in one heat pump water heaters are solutions where the domestic hot water is heated by an integrated heat pump

  • The fan inhales ambient air transferring its energy to the refrigerant agent in the evaporator thus changing from liquid to gas.
  • The gas is further heated by compression.
  • In the condenser the gas transfers its accumulated heat to the water tank. As it gets colder it transforms back to fluid. The pressure of the fluid is further reduced by the expansion valve.
  • The electric back-up heating starts only when required during insufficient heat pump working conditions.

System Installation Diagram

Installation and Operation Manual: