inverter/evi/high temperature heat pump water heater price

We are a inverter heat pump water heater price OEM base, our products affordable, provide enamel corrosion resistant water tank technology, our product quality and Midea, RHEEM, Sanden, EVI, the same, provide high temperature inverter compression mixing technology. Quality stable price range:$300 – $1500.

inverter heat pump water heater

What is inverter heat pump water heater?

the GOMON Inverter warmness Pump Water Heater boasts GOMON’s twin Inverter Compressor which promised to deliver rapid and powerful water heating at the same time as ingesting less energy and thereby, reducing your jogging expenses.

The GOMON Inverter heat Pump Water Heater, which is offered in a choice of 200-liter and 350-liter capacity

How does Inverter warmness Pump Water Heater work?

gomon Inverter warmness Pump Water Heater may be operated in 4 distinct modes for unique conditions.
gomon’s new Inverter heat Pump Water Heater lets in for an outstanding strength financial savings of over 70% as compared to a traditional electric heat pump water heater price due to the quite efficient twin Inverter Compressor.

based totally on gomon internal simulation data on day by day strength consumption underneath EUt average climate situation. annual strength consumption is 74% lower while using gomon Inverter warmth Pump Water Heater 350L potential version than when using a fashionable electric powered water heater (C elegance).

With top class and expensive design, gomon’s new Inverter warmth Pump Water Heater is suitable to be hooked up in garage, kitchen, laundry room, bathroom and every other spaces in your place.

thru using a fan with BLDC motor and the twin Inverter compressor, noise is decreased to simply 53 dB (A), ensuring consolation conditions even in the case of indoor set up.

cost of heat pump water heaters

HPWHs can variety from $2,one hundred to $3,300 depending at the water tank’s potential. herbal fuel water heaters range from $seven-hundred for preferred devices to $4,500 for condensing units. A excellent set up might cost more but can also improve running performance.

heat pump water heater worth

As a end result, whilst as compared to a traditional electric water heater, warmness pump models may be to 3 times more electricity green. particularly, energy megastar certified fashions can shop nearly $three hundred yearly on electric bills. first-class of all, while well maintained, heat pump water heaters can closing for 10-15 years!

heat pump water heater price

Unit value — high temperature warmness pump (hybrid) warm water heaters value among $1,2 hundred for 50 gallon tanks to $2,500 for eighty gallon tanks made by way of the very best give up manufacturers.

What high temperature heat pump water heater?

An electric pump water heater pulls heat from the encircling air and dumps it, at a better temperature, right into a tank to heat water.
high Temperature Air supply warmth Pumps are designed for commercial/commercial hot water heating with lowest air temperature above -10℃.

when rapid recuperation is wanted, this model is prepared with again-up 4,500 watt copper heating factors to warmness the water at some point of peak demand intervals.gomon warmness pump era capabilities a user-pleasant electric powered interface so that you can modify the temperature, pick from four running modes and assessment service diagnostics for final manipulate of your hot water usage.

clean to apply electronic interface lets in you to trade the temperature and select from 4 running modes – efficiency, hybrid, electric, and vacation – for optimum efficiency and overall performance.

The high temperature heat pump

due to the precise homes of CO2, the operates very correctly in a extensive variety of temperatures.

the nice and cozy gaseous refrigerant is circulated within the machine thru a compressor. as it passes thru the compressor, its pressure rises, as does its temperature.

First, a stand-on my own warmth pump water heater can simplest be hooked up in locations in which the average temperature oscillates among forty and 90 ranges Fahrenheit. So, for instance, do not deploy in a garage that freezes in wintry weather and is very hot in summer.

if you live in a place with cold winters with temperatures robotically below 0, you can opt for a hybrid warmness pump water heater.

a in basic terms electric mode that lets in you to never go with out warm water in your home, even when iciness temperatures develop extremely bloodless.

What is evi heat pump water heater?

the enhanced Vapor Injection (EVI) era from Copeland compressor with crankcase heater for unique cold region, Danfoss digital enlargement valve, Eaton AC contactor and thermal relay and other emblem additives of the warmth pump assure excessive exceptional and an extended lifespan.

because of the improved Vapor Injection (EVI) generation from Copeland compressor with crankcase heater for unique bloodless areas, designed EVI gas piping machine and controlling system make EVI air supply heat pumps paintings stably in the low temperature circumstance.

EVI low temperature warmness pump adopted the modern-day more suitable vapors injection technology,which expand the heat pump working temperature down to -25DegC.The expert copeland EVI compressor gives 20% higher heating potential underneath the low temperature operating situations.Heating and cooling model can fulfill maximum consumer wishes for residence heating and cooling.

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