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We are Air to Water Heat Pump Supplier and unlike most other heat pumps on the market, our cold climate heat pumps use an air to water principle. By storing heat energy, we can distribute it to any source we want, such as household hot water, heating and cooling fans, fin radiators

Air to Water Heat Pump

What is air to water heat pump?

Unlike most other heat pumps on the market, our cold climate heat pumps use an air to water principle. Compared with traditional air-to-air heat pumps, circulating R32 DC Inverter Monoblock Air Source Heat Pump have many advantages. Our water heating system units provide superior energy storage through buffer tanks.

By storing heat energy, we can distribute it to any source we want, such as household hot water, heating and cooling fans, fin radiators, water circulation in floor heating, air processors, swimming pools and hot tubs. This means that one Spilt Inverter Heat Pump Water Heater system can provide all the heating and cooling your home needs at a savings of 60% to 75% compared to conventional Water Heat Pump Systems. The comfort of cyclic heating has always been superior to forced air because it is cleaner, quieter and more cost-effective to operate.

Our Arctic heat pump meets your heating needs as low as -30C (-22F). Depending on where you live, there may be several days a year that are colder than this operating temperature. This is why we provide a backup heating element in the buffer tank. If the water falls below the low temperature set point, the Advantage air-to-water heat pump NEW Inverter Air To Water China will automatically turn on the backup heater to help deliver only the extra energy needed.

However, average North American winter temperatures below -30C are found only in the northernmost communities, meaning that almost everyone can use our heat pumps with little need for backup power.

GOMON Supplier advantage

  1. Energy efficiency
    GOMON’s advanced heat pump and Inverter EVI original Solstice heat pump technology provides the best energy efficiency.
  2. A variety of options
    GOMON’s range of commercial-use heat pump systems for residential and commercial use fully meets the hot water needs of suitable temperature and quantity.
  3. Quiet operation
    The unique design, including variable-frequency driven compressors and natural convection heat distribution, ensures quiet operation of the Daikin indoor and outdoor units.
  4. Integrated heating and hot water
    An integrated heating and hot water supply system greatly reduces installation space and costs.
  5. Affordable and reliable quality
    1. We are the source factory one is also wholesale price

What are solar thermal AIDS and cold weather heat pumps?

Our Arctic warmth pump is designed on the way to hook up with sun and sun thermal boosters. You can similarly enhance the overall performance of your warmth pump via way of means of including our excessive performance sun vacuum tube device for your air-to-water heat pump technology.

The buffer tank we offer carries an elective backside warmth exchanger that may be at once linked to the sun collector. These creditors use vacuum sun tubes that offer warmth even at -forty ranges Celsius. In addition to the electricity financial savings from our Arctic warmth pump, this cheaper mixture of our renewable electricity structures gives house owners with up to three MWH of unfastened warmth in keeping with year.

Who is the biggest manufacturer of heat pumps?


Who makes the best air to water heat pump?

The best choice for the best air source heat pump: The best heat output range -gomon.

Who manufactures air source heat pump water heaters?

GOMONControls offers a full line of Water supply reversible heat pumps (WSHPs) spanning from 0.5 to 70 lots in horizontal, vertical, console, rooftop, and water-to-water configurations.

What are the advantages of air for circulating heating and cooling water heat pumps Supplier

  1. Environmentally friendly heating and cooling for residential and light commercial settings
  2. The physics that make water ideal for conveying heat also make it ideal for cooling
  3. All the advantages of a hydronic (water) distribution system without the use of fossil fuels
  4. Combines the performance of modern air-source heat pump technology with the unsurpassed comfort of hydronics
  5. 30% more efficient than traditional air-source heat pumps
  6. Energy savings up to 47% greater than a typical high efficiency natural gas condensing boiler
  7. Up to 70% less electricity use than electric baseboard
  8. Variable speed internal circulation pump
  9. Frequency conversion drive technology and steam injection, variable speed compressor
  10. Preinstall the internal expansion tank
  11. Includes internal flush block

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