tepelné čerpadlo vzduch-voda r410a cenník

Air to water heat pumps are becoming increasingly popular for their energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness. R410A is the most commonly used type of refrigerant for these pumps, and the cost of installation and operation can vary depending on the size of the system and the brand. In this blog, we will look at the different price points for R410A air to water heat pumps, so you can make an informed decision when selecting the best option for your home.

Introduction to air to water heat pump r410a

An air to water heat pump with R410a is a type of heating and cooling system that transfers heat energy from outside air sources to water for residential and commercial applications. The R410a refrigerant is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly refrigerants available on the market today.

A heat pump with R410a takes warm air from outside, cools it down and extracts the energy from it. The heat is then transferred to the water, which is used for heating and cooling purposes. This type of system is highly efficient and can save you money on energy bills compared to traditional heating and cooling systems.

It is also a great choice for those who are looking for a more environmentally friendly option than other heating and cooling systems.

Benefits of air to water heat pump r410a

  1. Efficiency: Air to water heat pumps can provide very high levels of efficiency. They are able to convert a high proportion of the energy they draw from the air into useful heating, allowing you to get more heat for your money.
  2. Reliable: Air to water heat pumps have fewer moving parts than traditional furnaces, meaning that they have fewer parts that can break and need repair. As a result, they are more reliable than traditional furnaces.
  3. Eco-Friendly: An air to water heat pump system uses refrigerant (R-410A) that is non-ozone depleting and low in global warming potential, making it one of the most environmentally friendly cooling technologies available.
  4. Quiet Operation: Air to water heat pumps tend to be able to operate more quietly than traditional furnaces, meaning that you don’t have to worry about the noise from your heating system disturbing your home.

Types of air to water heat pump r410a

  1. GOMON krs118b
  2. Panasonic AWH-PG5U-E
  3. Daikin Altherma LT Monobloc
  4. Mitsubishi Electric Hydrobox
  5. Bosch Commercial Aquarea
  6. Sanyo EWA Bi-Bloc
  7. Hitachi SMZ+ Thermal
  8. Toshiba Aquabravo Pro
  9. Carrier Aquasnap
  10. Fujitsu Aquarea

Overview of the different prices of air to water heat pump r410a

The cost of installing an air-to-water heat pump depends largely on the size of the heat pump and the system components. Generally, prices range from £3,000-£10,000 (including installation), with the largest and most efficient systems costring the most.

The cost of the air-to-water heat pump itself can range from £1,000-£6,000 depending on size, brand and type of system. The majority of systems available today are R410a refrigerants that can heat water to temperatures in excess of 60 degrees Celsius, ensuring a reliable and efficient system.

When purchasing an air-to-water heat pump, other costs to consider include the cost of labour for installation, the cost of components (such as pumps, tanks, and control systems), and any additional maintenance or repairs that may be required. System components such as control systems may also attract predetermined fees for registration and certification as well.

Before deciding on an air-to-water heat pump, it is important to compare the system’s cost of operation with that of other heating solutions. Operating costs include not just the cost of electricity used to run the heat pump, but also the cost of the hot water produced.

  Commercial/Industrial Applications
Heat Pump Type Low Ambient Non Low Ambient
  Basic  $19,000 – $25,000 $19,000 – $25,000
  Standard                                                                                                 $21,000 – $29,000$18,000 – $25,000
  High Efficiency                                                                                 $30,000 – $37,000         $26,000 – $33,000
  Premium                                                                                             $39,000 – $46,000     $34,000 – $41,000

 Residential Applications
Heat Pump Type   Low Ambient  Non Low Ambient
  Basic                                                                                                $11,000 – $15,000   $9,000 – $12,000
  Standard                                                                                            $14,000 – $17,000     $12,000 – $15,000
  High Efficiency                                                                                       $18,000 – $21,000   $15,000 – $19,000
  Premium                                                      $24,000 – $27,000 

Factors that affect the cost of air to water heat pump r410a

  1. The size and type of system – The size and type of air to water heat pump system will affect the cost. Larger systems or systems with more components will require a larger installation fee and higher material costs.
  2. The installation requirements – If additional work or components are needed to install the system, such as trenching or additional wiring, it will affect the overall cost.
  3. The geographic location – Energy costs, location of the home, and the availability of trained personnel to install the system can all affect the cost of an air to water heat pump system.
  4. The price of the refrigerant – The refrigerant used in air to water heat pumps systems, R410a, is considered more expensive than other options. This can add extra cost to the installation of an air to water heat pump.
  5. The efficiency rating – The higher the efficiency rating of an air to water heat pump, the more expensive it will likely be. However, it will also mean more energy savings in the long run.
  6. The type of compressor – The type of compressor in the system will also factor into the cost of the system. Higher efficiency models may cost more but they will increase

Pros and cons of air to water heat pump r410a


-Air-To-Water heat pumps are highly efficient, able to achieve a coefficient of performance up to 4.5 in moderate climates and up to 4.2 in colder areas.

-The components used in an Air-To-Water Heat Pump are much smaller than most of the other newer technologies, allowing for a smaller footprint.

-Air-To-Water Heat Pumps are relatively quiet, allowing for their installation in indoor or outdoor spaces.

-The refrigerant used in most Air-To-Water heat pumps, R410a, is non-ozone depleting and more environmentally friendly than other CFC & HFC refrigerants.


-Air-To-Water Heat Pumps do require a significant amount of electricity to run, so the running costs of running them continuously may be higher than the initial investment over time.

-V chladnejšom podnebí môže účinnosť tepelných čerpadiel vzduch-voda klesať v dôsledku ich nedostatočnej schopnosti absorbovať teplo zo vzduchu.

-Inštalácia tepelného čerpadla vzduch-voda si vyžaduje kvalifikovaného technika, ktorý zabezpečí správne umiestnenie a konfiguráciu systému.