wholesale domestic air to water heat pump

Where to, wholesale domestic air to water heat pump?This means that the heat pump system can provide all the heating and cooling your home needs, saving 60% and 75% compared with traditional heating conventional hot water systems. Air energy heat pump heating as a kind of energy saving products, many problems plaguing consumers, such as air energy heat pump price, air energy heat pump operating costs, air energy heat pump selection and so on. Many consumers after multiple consideration, decided to choose air energy heat pump heating.

wholesale domestic air to water heat pump China

What is air to water heat pump?

Simple selection of air source, high temperature warmness pump market, EVI air supply warmness pump, swimming pool National CCC Certification and and many others., choose whatever you want. excessive performance and low price warmness pump, with global well-known components consisting of Copeland and Panasonic compressor, valves and and so on., Integrated wholesale air to Water Heat Pump Water Heater examined in country wide proved laboratory, a long-lasting consolation on your own family.

An air-supply warmth pump is a warmth pump that works with the aid of using changing the warmth from outdoor air into warm air to warmth a room. The air from outdoor frequently has a few shape of warmth with it, and whilst that is transformed into power. It may be used to warmth rooms or warmth water. Air supply warmth pumps had been invented to assist reduce down at the power utilized by heating pumps as it makes use of warmth from the outdoor air to generate warmth for the pool or the today’s new low energy homes. As lengthy as there’s sufficient air move across the pump, sufficient warm air may be pumped out of the warmth pump.

gomon manufacturing center monitors all of the manufacturing strains by means of MES gadget to improve the efficiency. As one in all the most important largest heat pump manufacturers, our each day manufacturing capability can gain 1600 units.

How much air to water heat pump wholesale price?

in reality, electric powered water heaters account for an average of 18 percent of your electricity expenses. electric heat pump water heater The older your water heater the less power green its miles.

If each household inside the united states used a warmth pump water heater (under fifty-five gallons), the strength fee financial savings would pinnacle at $eight.2 billion greenbacks a yr, in line with renewable energies megastar.

Warm pump (hybrid) hot water residential water heaters cost from $1,2 hundred for 50-gallon tanks to $2,500 for eighty-gallon tanks made by the best cease producers. The tank size and product exceptional influence the unit fee most. As of 2021, the common 50-gallon resistance water heater charges $400, whereas an ordinary warmth effective air source heat pump 50-gallon water heater fees $1100.

Air to water heat pump product


  1. Five times the efficiency of traditional electric water heaters.
  2. Allow use of off-peak electricity.
  3. The rating in the first hour is higher than all heat pump water heaters.
  4. Recovery is faster after hot water extraction.
  5. Hot water production as low as-20 °F and below.
  6. The temperature of conveying hot water is as high as 150 °F
  7. Save energy

What is DHW plus space adjustment

The heat pump unit water heater can provide 15000 btu/hr of power and can be designed as a heat pump water heater system that provides all domestic hot water (DHW) and hot water for space regulation to power the DHW mixing valve to reduce the temperature to 120 °F, and the other loop provides a hot water radiator or radiation plate for the standard heat exchanger.
For families with a design temperature of 12 °F or higher and a heat load of 8kbtu/hr or lower, this can be the entire DHW and spatial regulation system.
As the functionality improves and more projects report success, you can increase the 8kbtu heat load and add lower design temperatures based on capacity improvements and project results.

What is carbon dioxide as a refrigerant air to water heat pump?

Except that it uses CO2 as a refrigerant.Due to the unique characteristics of CO2, GOMON can operate very efficiently over a wide temperature range.
It can extract heat from the air all the way to-20 °F or more during a single heating phase, raising the water temperature to 150 °F at a rate of 0.3 gallons per minute. A hydronic heat pump uses a small amount of highly energy-efficient alternative to move heat from one location to another. In the CO2 system, the heat in the air is absorbed by the natural refrigerant CO2, which is harmless to ozone and does not cause global warming. The warm gaseous refrigerant circulates in the system through the compressor. When it passes through the compressor, its pressure and temperature will rise.

Our product advantage

Unlike most other heat pumps on the market, our cold climate heat pumps use the air-to-water principle. Compared with the traditional air-to-air heat pump, the circulating heat pump has many advantages. , circulating water power in floor heating, air processor, swimming pool and hot tub. This means that a air to water heat pump dimensions system can provide all the heating and cooling your home needs, saving 60% and 75% compared with traditional heating conventional hot water systems. Our Arctic heat pump will meet your heating needs as low as-30C (- 22F).Depending on where you live, the reason why a spare heating element is provided in the buffer tank.
If the water falls below the low temperature set point, the heat pump will automatically turn on the spare heater.However, the average winter temperature in North America below-30 degrees Celsius occurs only in the northernmost communities, which means that almost everyone can use our heat pump and almost no backup power is needed.

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