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Do you want to know more about purchasing heat pump water heater New Zealand.Heat pump water warmers are designed to European requirements to make sure secure and advanced warmness transfer.

To ensure maximum energy efficiency, it is recommended that electric heat pump water heaters be installed by a specialist. Additionally, older models may not be as energy-efficient as newer models. To combat corrosion caused by hard water, many heat pump water heaters use a titanium enamel inner container.

Our factory specializes in producing and selling heat pump water heaters. Our products are made with the latest technology and materials to ensure energy efficiency and durability.

How does a water heat pump work NZ?

heat pump water heaters nz operate on compressors. Compressors take heat from the air and transfer it to storage tanks where the water is heated. The heat pump water heater is designed according to European standards to ensure safety and superior heat transfer.

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Сколько стоит водонагреватель с тепловым насосом?

According to energy.gov, electric water heaters typically make up around 18 percent of a household’s electricity costs. The older the water heater, the less energy efficient it is likely to be. If every household in the United States switched to a heat pump water heater with a capacity of 55 gallons or less, the resulting energy cost savings would total $8.2 billion per year, according to Energy Star.

The cost of heat pump (hybrid) water heaters can range from $1,200 for a 50-gallon tank to $2,500 for an 80-gallon tank from a top-end manufacturer. The cost of the unit is typically influenced by the tank size and product quality. As of 2021, the average cost of a 50-gallon resistance water heater is $400, while an average 50-gallon heat pump water heater costs $1,100.

To ensure maximum energy efficiency, it is recommended that a professional install your heat pump water heater. According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of water heater installation is around $700 to $900.

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the common 50-gallon resistance water heater charges $four hundred, while a normal environmentally advanced hot water heat pump system 50-gallon water heater costs $1100. but, heat pump water heater price have lower operating prices, and the common residential consumer can save a complete $800 on their energy payments after 4 years.

How long do heat pump water heaters work?

We believe in creating high-quality provider products, especially when it comes to durability.

most energy efficient heater nz Certain features such as the magnesium anode protect the water heater and give it a long life, while the titanium plus feature uses titanium enamel as an inner container to improve corrosion resistance to hard water.

Our heat pump water heaters provide a 5 year warranty and reliable service for the tank.

hot water heat pumps prices nz

standard featuresprice (NZD)
citybryndwr, opawa, wainoni, spreydon, fendalton, halswell
avonhead, riccarton, wigram, christchurch
Standardized settings 3,399 – 4,499 
high efficiency 5,299 – 6,399
industrial setting
10,999 – 12,499

Where should the heat pump water heater be installed?

One of the advantages of a heat pump water heater is its versatility in terms of installation – it can be installed in various locations such as a garage, bathroom, or storage room.

However, there are a few factors to consider before installing a water heater, such as the amount of space it will occupy. It’s important to verify the size of the water heater with your technician to ensure it will fit properly.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the noise level generated when the water is heated, as well as the amount of cold air that may be produced in the room. Another important consideration is the size of your family, the number of bathrooms the water heater will need to service, and the amount of hot water required on a daily basis. These factors can help determine the appropriate size and capacity of the water heater needed for your household.

A heat pump is cheaper than a heater

Compared to all other common forms of heating, a heat pump is the most energy-efficient water heating and cheapest very efficient method of heating water system to run.

hot water heat pumps prices nz whether it saves money

In New Zealand, hot water cylinder heat pumps are available at prices ranging from $200 to $1000. Tankless water heaters can provide up to 10 gallons per minute, but they tend to be more expensive.

Hybrid heat pump water heaters range in price from $1,200 for a 50-gallon tank to $2,500 for an 80-gallon tank from a top-end manufacturer. Installation costs can range from $172 to $218. These water heaters are typically $800 more expensive than traditional electric water heaters.

It’s important to note that heat pump water heater prices can vary between companies due to differences in operation costs and overhead. To get the best deal, it’s recommended to request quotes during the late fall or early winter when contractors may offer competitive pricing discounts during their down season.

Investing in a hybrid heat pump water heater can pay for itself within 2 to 3 years and save you between $3,000 and $4,000 over 10 years. Overall, it’s a worthwhile investment for those looking to save money on their energy bills.

Heat pump water heaters nz works Youtube guide

Here is a YouTube working guide for heat pump water heaters in New Zealand

Are heat pump water heaters any good?

Because of this, they are incredibly energy efficient ways compared to traditional models, which means they can save you hundreds of dollars a year on your electricity bill

And they’re durable — a good, well-maintained heater can last $10 to $15 a year.

Which is the best heat pump in New Zealand?

The GOM series is a split-type heat pump water heater with a dedicated outdoor unit that can be placed on a patio/balcony/service area.Mains Pressure Heat Pumps Gomon is one of the best in the business.

Is it worth getting a heat pump water heater?

As a result, heat pump models can be two to three times more energy efficient than conventional electric water heaters. Incredibly, Energy Star-compliant models can save nearly $300 a year on their electricity bills. Best of all, heat pump water heaters can last 10-15 years if properly maintained!

Hot water heat pump vs gas

Heat pump water heaters are more energy effective because they move heat while gas water heaters produce heat via combustion. And it always takes lower energy consumption to move heat than produce it. Note If you want to keep your yearly heating costs as low as possible, keep your heat pump water heater in “ Economy Mode ” In discrepancy, a high- effectiveness hot water heat pump can do the same job for the same house for approximately$ 120 a time when using out- peak electricity.

hot water heat pump bryndwry

Heat pumps are a viable option for providing hot water in Bryndwr, New Zealand, as they are cost-effective, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly. These systems operate by extracting energy from the surrounding air and transferring it to the water, eliminating the need for expensive energy sources like electricity, gas, or oil. With the ability to provide an unlimited supply of hot water for various household uses, heat pumps can significantly reduce energy costs. Additionally, using heat pumps can help reduce carbon emissions, making them a more sustainable choice for homeowners in Bryndwr.

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Compared to an electric resistance water heater, a heat pump water heater uses significantly less energy and costs less to operate. For example, a heat pump water heater only uses 866 kWh (or $100) of electricity to provide hot water for an entire family for a year, whereas an electric resistance water heater uses 3,493 kWh (or $400), which is four times the energy and cost.

The return on investment for heat pump water heaters is typically two to three years, and they can save you up to $4,800 over a 10-year period. Regardless of the size you purchase, the average return on investment for heat pump water heaters in New Zealand is two to three years, with an average savings of $4,600 over ten years.

For example, the energy guide label on an old 40-gallon water heater indicated an annual energy cost of $530 (at 12 cents/kWh), while a new Rheem 40-gallon water heater only costs $104 per year to operate. This results in a savings of $426 per year.

Heat pump water heater installation New Zealand requirements

Heat pump water heaters bear installation in locales that remain in the 40º – 90ºF(4.4 º –32.2 ºC) range time- round and give at least1,000 boxy bases(28.3 cubic meters) of air space around the water heater. Air passing over the evaporator can be exhausted to the room or outside.

How much does a heat pump cost in New Zealand?

In New Zealand, the price of a regular water heater and a heat pump technology water heater may differ due to the higher energy cost savings provided by the latter. The price range of a regular water heater can vary from $200 to $4000, while that of a heat pump water heater in Christchurch typically ranges from $200 to $4000. It’s important to note that while heat pump water heaters may have a higher upfront cost, their energy efficiency can provide significant savings on energy bills in the long run. Additionally, some regions in New Zealand offer rebates and incentives for the installation of energy-efficient appliances, including heat pump water heaters, which can help offset the cost of installation.

Системы водоснабжения с теплым насосом позволяют экономить деньги в течение длительного периода времени, однако то, как быстро вы разоритесь, зависит от того, сколько тонн вы выложите за установку. Для семьи из 4 человек обычно требуется бак объемом 270-315 л, стоимость варьируется от $2500 до $4000, не включая установку.

What are the benefits of a heat pump water heater in New Zealand?

A heat pump water heater offers several benefits in New Zealand, including:

  1. Energy efficiency: Heat pump water heaters are more energy-efficient than traditional electric water heaters, as they extract heat from the surrounding air to heat the water in the tank. This can result in significant savings on energy costs.
  2. Environmental friendliness: Heat pump water heaters produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions than traditional electric water heaters. This makes them an environmentally friendly option for homeowners in New Zealand.
  3. Versatility: Heat pump water heaters can be installed in a variety of locations, including basements, garages, and utility rooms. This makes them a versatile option for homes with limited space.
  4. Quiet operation: Heat pump water heaters operate quietly, making them an ideal option for homes where noise may be a concern.
  5. Long lifespan: Heat pump water heaters typically have a longer lifespan than traditional electric water heaters, which can result in cost savings over the long term.
  6. Rebates and incentives: In New Zealand, there may be rebates and incentives available for installing a heat pump water heater. This can help offset the initial cost of installation.

Overall, a heat pump water heater is a smart investment for homeowners in New Zealand who want to save money on energy costs, reduce their environmental impact, and enjoy a reliable source of hot water for years to come.

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