split dc inverter air to water heat pump price

The price of split type DC inverter air water heat pump varies depending on brand, model, and heating capacity. Generally speaking, the price of this type of heat pump ranges from $6000 to $15000. The factors to consider include equipment energy efficiency, durability, and the manufacturer’s after-sales service. In addition, installation costs are also an important factor to consider when purchasing. Taking into account both product price and performance, it is crucial to choose the product that best meets individual needs.

Introduction to DC Variable Frequency Air Water Heat Pump Products

The variable frequency air water heat pump operates stably in an ambient temperature range of -35 ℃ to 50 ℃, suitable for winter heating and summer cooling in cold areas, and has five optional functions: domestic hot water, heating, cooling, heating hot water, and cooling hot water.
The indoor unit adopts a split design, and the indoor and outdoor units are connected by copper pipes, which is simple, flexible, and convenient to install. It can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, or basement to reduce energy loss and prevent water pipes from freezing in cold winter and being exposed to sunlight in hot summer.
The main components of the indoor unit include: water pump, expansion water tank, differential pressure water switch, electric three-way valve, brazed plate heat exchanger, and auxiliary heating components.
The main components of the outdoor unit include: EVI low-temperature DC variable frequency compressor, variable frequency controller, electric expansion valve, four-way valve, pressure sensor, motor, hydrophilic aluminum fins and inner groove copper evaporator, refrigerant valve, de icing heating and other components.

Air to water heat pump

Air water heat pump is a closed-loop heating device that absorbs heat from one place (called a heat source) and repels the absorbed heat to another place (called a radiator). Unlike traditional air to air heat pumps, the heat generated is used to cool/heat air, while air to water heat pumps use the heat generated to cool/heat water or water/ethylene glycol fluid mixtures.
Our air water heat pump comes in two configurations: single block and split. The advantages and disadvantages of each configuration are shown in the table below

CharacteristicUnitary Heat Pump Water HeaterSplit Heat Pump Water Heater
InstallationEasy to install, less spaceRequires more installation space, more complex installation
CostRelatively lower priceUsually higher cost
Maintenance and RepairRelatively simple maintenance and repairMaintenance and repair may be more complex
EfficienzaGenerally high efficiencyOften higher efficiency due to split design
NoiseTypically louderGenerally quieter
Space RequirementOccupies less spaceRequires more space

How much does it cost to install an air to water heat pump?

The air source heat pump unit alone costs 3000-12000 euros. The cost of ground and water source heat pump systems should be between 17000 euros and 28000 euros. The average operating cost of a heat pump ranges from 600 euros to 1000 euros per year.

Working Temperature Range-25~43ºC-25~43ºC-25~43ºC-25~43ºC-25~43ºC-25~43ºC
Power Supply220-240V/50Hz220-240V/50Hz220-240V/50Hz380-415V/50Hz380-415V/50Hz380-415V/50Hz
A7W35 Heating capacity (kW)10(3-11)15(4-16)18(4-20)15(4-16)18(4-20)24(5-27)
Input power (kW)2.303.654.453.724.406.00
Rated current (A)10.5016.5019.005.706.709.10
A2W45 Heating capacity (kW)7.8(3-8)12.2(5-13)15(4-16)12.5(5-13)15(4-16)19(5-20)
Heating input power(kW)2.323.604.653.804.555.80
Rated current (A)11.0016.8019.805.807.009.00
A35W7 Cooling Capacity/EER (kW)7/2.8111/2.814/2.7511/2.814/2.819/2.7
Rated Cooling Input Power/Current(kW/A)2.5/11.33.93/185.0/233.95/6.15.0/8.07.0/10.0
Heating Outlet hot water temperature range (ºC)25-6025-6025-6025-6025-6025-60
Cooling Outlet water temperature range (ºC)7-127-127-127-127-127-12
IP Grade (Level of protection)IPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4IPX4
Anti-electric shock RateIIIIII
Noise (dB(A))≤55≤60≤60≤60≤60≤70
Net weight/Gross weight(kg)105/115160/175190/205160/175190/205200/215
Diameter of pipe (mm)DN25DN25DN32DN25DN32DN32

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