Beschreibung des Produkts:

This is a pressurized system, with the tank and heat pipe vacuum tubes combined. We call it compact heat pipe solar water heater. It’s one of the most effective solar heating system.the tap water piping is connected directly to the system, and water is fed automatically by the pressure. The vacuum tubes absorb the solar energy and transfer the heat to the tank through the copper pipe inside the tube, and the water inside the tank is gradually heated.

This system includes magnesium anode which is used for anti-corrosion, and an electric element which is used when cloudy or rainy . It also includes a P/T safety valve, when water inside the tank is overheated or water pressure exceeds 6 bar, the P/T valve will open automatically to protect the tank.


Der Wassertank ist innen mit Emaille beschichtet, die eine hohe Korrosionsbeständigkeit und eine große Druckfestigkeit aufweist. Unsere porzellanemaillierten Tanks sind durch CE, WATER MARK, ETL, WRAS, EN12977-3 zugelassen.

Das gesamte System ist von der SOLAR KEYMARK (EN 12976 Standard) geprüft.

High efficiency due to the best conduction performance. Heat pipe invacuum tube can transfer hot energy to cold water in pressurized water tank rapidly. No water in the glass vacuum tubes, one tube broken don’t influence the whole system working.

Hochwertige Teile:

Incoloy 800 Elektrisches Element
Wasserzeichen Genehmigt
Intelligenter Controller

Echte Bilder und Details:

Product Model Aperture Area Heat Pipe Tube Kapazität Tank Dia.(mm) Working Pressure
(m2) (Liters) (Mpa)
    Dia. Length Qty      
(mm) (mm) (pcs)
BRJ2-110-1.65-0.6-C 1.65 φ58 1800 12 110 φ360/φ460 0.6
BRJ2-135-2.20-0.6-C 2.2 φ58 1800 16 135 φ360/φ460 0.6
BRJ2-150-2.50-0.6-C 2.5 φ58 1800 18 150 φ360/φ460 0.6
BRJ2-170-2.80-0.6-C 2.8 φ58 1800 20 170 φ360/φ460 0.6
BRJ2-200-3.40-0.6-C 3.4 φ58 1800 24 200 φ360/φ460 0.6
BRJ2-250-3.87-0.6-C 3.87 φ58 1800 30 250 φ360/φ460 0.6
BRJ2-300-4.67-0.6-E 4.67 φ58 2000 30 300 φ360/φ460 0.6

Material Details

Water Tank Inner Tank Steel Plate With Enamel Coating(2.5mm thick)
  Outer Tank Color steel plate(0.4mm thick)
  Insulation Layer Polyurethane foam(50mm thick)
  Electric Heater 1.5KW(220V,50HZ)
Vacuum Tube Glass High-quality borosilicate glass3.3(1.6mm thick)
  Coating SS-CU-AL-N/AL
    Heat Pipe T2 copper(0.7mm thick)
     Rahmen Aluminum Alloy(3mm thick)

Wie es funktioniert:

Evacuated tubes absorb sunlight and convert it to usable heat. A vacuum between the two glass layers insulates against heat loss improvement efficiency. The heat transfer fin helps to transfer heat from the evacuated tube to the to the copper heat pipe. The heat pipe contains a small amount liquid which forms steam when heated, rapidly transferring the heat up to the water in the storage tank.


Installations- und Betriebshandbuch: